Mikael Lind is a composer of experimental ambient music, currently residing in Reykjavik, Iceland. He has got three full-length releases under his belt, as well as a number of digital releases, and he recently earned a Master’s degree in electronic music production from the University of Edinburgh.

Mikael’s music is often based around simple themes that gradually evolve into more complex creations, where sounds and textures are given enough space to slowly introduce themselves, expand, and finally be manipulated into something different. There’s a certain minimalism and sparseness in the choice of instruments, but not in how these instruments are treated. A simple piano line might be carefully developed into a full ambient orchestration with the help of electronic techniques of sound manipulation.

Mikael enjoys the cold climate of the North, and gets inspired by symmetries in his environment, as well as by man-made buildings or artefacts that gradually change and deteriorate due to the forces of nature. He finds beauty in both the simple and the sublime, and this is something that his music wants to express. Complexity – when properly understood – is a wonderful thing, but should never be an end in itself.