A Closer Listen, 3/4, 2016

“In the same fashion, Lind has emerged from his own hiatus to craft a gorgeous set of surprisingly different material: a gamble that few composers take, and that even fewer composers execute so well.”

Silent Season, 14/3, 2016

“The best album cover of the season goes to Julia Guther for Mikael Lind‘s Intentions and Variations (Morr Music, 8 April).  The album begins with tender piano, but the tracks end up swallowed in drone.  Maybe it’s just the cover art talking, but the sound seems like that of stars falling.”

Nitestylez, 12/3, 2016

“Scheduled for release on April 8th, 2k16 on Berlin’s Morr Music-imprint is “Intentions And Variations”, the latest musical outing created by Icelandic composer / producer Mikael Lind who is making his label debut with this one. Taking us deep into his sonic world with a bundle of five tracks we see Mr. Lind working on tender pianos, ethereal strings and decent, still harmonic distortions perfectly blending in into the overall Ambient beauteousness of his work”.

Self-Titled Mag, 26/2, 2016

“Like much of Mikael Lind‘s work, the title track in his upcoming Intentions and Variations EP starts off slowly with a few slight piano melodies that rise and fall patiently. Waves of distortion enter the picture eventually though, bringing with them the lingering sense that something’s not quite right here. “